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How To Celebrate The Harvest Moon

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Full Moons are mysterious, magical, and important ways to mark the passage of time. Each month, the Farmers’ Almanac celebrates the monthly full Moon noting their traditional and alternative names (Sturgeon Moon, Beaver Moon, Harvest Moon, etc.). Most of these names come from the Algonquin, a Native American peoples that once inhabited large areas of

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Phenology: Planting According to Nature

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If you’ve been wondering if nature’s timing is off, you’re not alone! Reports of plants blooming at odd times and migratory birds showing up early or late are becoming more and more common. Climate change has made nature’s documented cycles unreliable, and we can no longer use a standard calendar to plan our gardens. This is why savvy gardeners are turning to "phenology," a practice which is more in-tune with nature and less dependent on set dates. Learn how to read Mother Nature's cues and plant in synch with the environment. Read on.

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