Winter 2024 Extended Weather Forecast

Farmers’ Almanac Winter 2024 Extended Weather Forecast

Wondering what the extended weather forecast is for the winter ahead? Will there be a snowstorm or three—enough snow to plow and play in? Will cold temperatures bring shivers to your backyard? Here’s the Farmers’ Almanac Winter 2024 Extended Weather Forecast, including a winter weather advisory that you need to see.

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The BRRR is Back!

Winter weather is making a comeback. After a warm winter anomaly last year, traditional cool temperatures and snowy weather conditions will return to the contiguous United States. (Be sure to read our winter weather advisory below.)

When Will The First Snowstorm Come?

Winter officially starts on Thursday, December 21, 2023. But that doesn’t mean the cold conditions and snow will wait until then. Did you know that meteorological winter starts on December 1? December 2023 is forecast to start out quite stormy. Our extended weather forecast calls for some blizzard conditions blowing snow into areas over northern New England, the North Central States, and northern and central areas of New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

What about Christmas? What are the chances you’ll have a white Christmas?

Reason for the Return of the “Brrr”

There are indications that an El Niño (an unusually high-water temperature off the Pacific Coast of South America), will be brewing in the latter half of 2023, lasting into the winter of 2024. If we consider that alongside our tried-and-true forecast formula, it means that cold temperatures should prevail throughout the country and bring snow, sleet, and ice.

How Cold and Snowy?

Our extended weather forecast, which is based on a mathematical and astronomical formula, calls for below-average temperatures and lots of snowstorms, sleet, ice, rain for much of the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and Midwes areas of the country, as well as central and northern New England, especially in January and February. (Brrr…)

When will the first snowfall of the season be?

An unusually snowy and wet winter is also predicted for the Pacific Northwest. Should an El Niño materialize, it could direct the subtropical jet stream into California, translating into copious amounts of rain and snow across the entire Southwest.

Winter in the Great Plains and Rockies will usher in plenty of cold temperatures and occasional bouts of storminess, bringing widespread rains and snows.

Texans will need to bundle up, as unseasonably cold weather is forecast throughout January and February, with a possible major winter storm in mid-January.

The Southeast and Florida will see a wetter-than-normal winter, with average winter temperatures overall, but a few frosts may send many shivers to snowbirds trying to avoid the cold and snow back home.

For those of you living along the I-95 corridor from Washington to Boston, who saw a lack of wintry precipitation last winter, you should experience quite the opposite, with lots of rain/sleet and snowstorms to contend with.

What zone do you live in?

A snowstorm in New England, winter 2024.

Winter Weather Advisory

The following are a few winter weather advisory times that our extended weather forecast is suggesting you might want to bundle up, buy some extra hot chocolate, make plans to stay home, or plan a skiing trip.

  • The second week of January will be stormy, snowy, and wet for both the Pacific Coast and the Eastern States.
  • Lots of cold temperatures and some storms will keep folks in the South Central States busy during the middle of January.
  • Heavy mountain snows will cover the western US including the mountains on the Pacific Coast during the first week of February.
  • An East Coast storm affecting the Northeast and New England states will bring snowfall, cold rain and then frigid temperatures, during the second week of February.
  • Unseasonably cold temperatures will blow into the Southeast States mid-February.
  • Potential blizzards for this first week of March will remind folks in the North Central States that winter isn’t over yet.
  • Another East Coast storm will bring a wintry mess to this area during the first week of March.
  • A possible late-season snowfall over the high terrain of New England during the third week of April won’t be a fun “April Fools’ Day” prank!

Want to see the details of this winter weather advisory? Get the entire year’s forecast for your area of the country by signing up for a Farmhouse Membership (or logging in and heading here if you are a member already).

Snowstorm winter weather advisory map.

When Will Winter End?

March will remind us that the Brrr is Back and won’t let go too easily. March’s extended forecast calls for wild swings in the thermometer, especially in the East. And March could go out like a lion, with stormy conditions nationwide.

Snowstorm with pine trees and mountains.

About Our Extended Weather Forecast

Every year since 1818, we consult our time-tested weather formula to offer you an extended weather forecast not only for the winter ahead, but the entire year. Our goal is to help you plan ahead. Yes, predicting the weather that far in advance has its risks, and at a times, nature likes to remind us that she has the last word. But we do our best with the tools we have to offer you both these summary outlooks and zoned forecasts.

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Are you looking forward to a snowstorm or two this year?

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Eastern ky weather for December, be nice to have a Snow White Christmas ?

Sharon Lewis

Good Day. ?? I am hoping that NYC will have a few blizzards this year. Is this in the forecast? Thaanks.


What’s the weather looking like for Northern California?

Mary S.

Will Cape Cod get any cumulative amounts of snow this winter? The last time we had measurable amounts was in 2015.

Jennifer Swuwoo

what kind of winter should we be expecting, I’m in northern Minnesota?

Anna Eyler

Is your company the same as the Hagerstown almanac?


What about snow and ice for north louisiana…???


? ?

Kathy Burton

What kind of major winter storm are we talking about in Texas? As bad as 2021? I’m in Austin so I don’t know if you count that part of TX in this winter storm


What about Greenwood, Delaware

Dianna Lucke

Hoping for no snow or ice in Ohio!


Good Morning, Dianna unfortunately according to our calculations Ohio is going to have a rather unseasonably cold and rather unpleasantly stormy winter. Expect several blizzards starting in January and carrying all the way into March. Have a blessed day!


The NWS long range predictions dont agree with this. They are predicting milder than normal temps and average or even dryer than normal for precipitation.

Brooke Rennier

This says yur hopes are about to b crushed. For wat it’s worth, it’ll b the same here where I’m at


Curious, What’s it looking like for southeastern WA for November 2023 through February 2024?


Last edited 4 months ago by Jess
Tonya Beasley

What about Ga?


I researched and most of the last 20 years of record snowfalls happened in el nino years. My area of VA had a record 54″ s in 2009-10. It will be an interesting winter for sure.

Jennifer Allen

I live in northern Indiana (think Notre Dame) and would love to know if we’re going to have enough snow for my Siberian huskies to really enjoy.


Do you think the lower Mississippi River levels will be up next Spring? Doesn’t seem like El Nino Winter will give them the water they need to continue to allow cruising. I know lots of cruises were cancelled in Spring, 2022 and the river is still low.


What about Butte, Montana?? Will it be cold and snowy?? I sure hope so!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️


We’re forecasting average snow for Montana – so you should be all set – we’re hoping for cold and snowy there too!

Theresa Rowley

Will it be a warm winter in Michigan


It looks likes the Great Lakes state is going to be cold and stormy this winter! The Brrrr is back!


We’re due for a strong winter
In Oklahoma.


How much snow and ice are we supposed to get in Missouri


North Eastern states will be warmer any snow will melt quickly. Slushy rainy slick. Just saying. We shall see who’s right FA.


I live in Pinetop, Arizona and last year was a very snowy cold winter that we all looked forward to summer!! Dreading winter already but maybe will be dryer than last year hopefully! Lasted too long last year for my liking! LOL


Pinetop is gorgeous all year round! Hoping you have a much milder winter this season!


I have lived in MD for about 8 years. I know it’s terrible to wish for a snowstorm, but that is exactly what I want to experience in my life.

Kristen C

The “with a possible major winter storm in mid-January” scares me a bit for Texas. Hopefully it isn’t like that President’s day weekend a couple years ago. But after this unbelievably HOT summer some cold will be nice.


We hope everyone is able to stay safe this winter.

Matthew Hoskins

I live in the lower peninsula of Michigan in lake county MI and I’m just wondering what month should I expect the first snow fall to happen


How bout Central Virginia/Piedmont area.? I could stand a a little snow but not looking forward to frigid weather?More specifically Roanoke Va.area .


While we don’t forecast for specific areas, your region can expect some snow, but it does look like a cold one!

Adrian PAdilla

Worry about Hurricane season in Florida as I’m going in September 20th and its been empty in theme parks because of the heat. Wishing their is no hurricane season.


Will Washington, DC get a couple of snowstorms in 1923-24. We haven’t had snow in a couple of years and I miss snow.

Sandi Duncan

Hi Bunny, we are predicting some snow this year in DC, hopefully enough to make you happy!



Randy Watson

Will the Ohio valley see any significant big snow storms with lots of snowfall this winter especially in western Kentucky area?


Will southeast see snow this winter

Ezra Vanderhorst

How snowy will it be near Kansas City, Missouri?

glen hardie

what about marietta ohio


How about Chattanooga Tn/ Ft Oglethorpe Ga

Sean ozz

So unseasonably cold this winter in Florida that must be that global warming I keep hearing about



Mark and Diane

We live in NW Michigan; what really can we expect here, please?

Hohmann Jeanne

Does that mean the Yoop? Or the Trolls ?


Spoken like a true Michigander. As a former troll, I believe our Winter Extended Weather Forecast is regionally intending to cover both. Have a wonderful day!


Hi ,
can you tell me about South Carolina like Horry County area winter going to be for 23/24?

Thank You


In a area of power outages I have no worries. I heat with coal and have kerosene lanterns for light.

Sandi Duncan

Sounds like you are prepared for the worst winter may bring!


Got my heavy coat and boots ready.

Sandi Duncan

🙂 Great! Don’t forget your copy of the 2024 Farmers’ Almanac 😉


I Love My Farmers” Almanac, check it Religiously every Season. I have learned So many other Facts I’ve never known. I recommend it to ALL My Friends and Family. I buy every issue when it goes to the Newsstands
However, Last Winter took us By Huge Surprise, I’m in Northern California, originally from the Coast of CA, we experienced A Winter that we hadn’t seen in Decades. We went thru 2 cords of Wood, Snow at Record levels. Would like to know if we can expect more of the same in the upcoming Winter 2023 – 24?

Sandi Duncan

Hi Joy,
Thank you so much for your comments and for stopping by here to tell us what you like about the Almanac. The Almanac is suggesting that you may have another tough winter on tap, especially if this El Nino continues to develop. Now, hopefully it won’t be as bad as last year, but we suggest you prepare for a tough one just in case. Stay safe!

Charles Welsbacher

I live in Wichita, KS. Assuming that there are a lot of cold weather during the winter, and, most of all that February is cold, to protest the continuation of winter, I’m not wearing a winter coat, anymore, come March.

Sandi Duncan

Hi Charles,
Our extended forecast is calling for a cold winter but doesn’t look too brutally cold for your area. You can see what we are predicting month-by-month but checking out this page – https://www.farmersalmanac.com/long-range-weather-forecast/north-central-us

Washington native

The Pacific NW forecast was right. It has been very brisk up here the trees and roses are just now budding at the end of april. Looks like no roses for Memorial Day in Vancouver Wa.

Gary Tankersley

More rain, snow and flooding than we’ve seen in Ca. in 40 years, not quite drier than normal.

California Gal

Um, it’s been anything but dry and warm in California. We had snow that stuck last week in the Bay Area and haven’t seen this much snow in the Sierras for decades!

Last edited 11 months ago by California Gal

Nothing to write home about in Virginia this year. I think I counted 10 snowflakes.


Hate to say it, they got it wrong for the southeast not one flurry !!!

Darlene Southwick

Yeah we had gusher rains but no snow to even cover the ground here in N.E. Tennessee

Tim Houston

I live in almost the dead center of Tn… little town called Crossville,, in Cumberland county… it’s called the plateau,, and it’s the highest part of the state,,, which isn’t really all that high above sea level by the mountains like, say in Wyoming where i worked forever.. But it’s plenty high enough to make a huge difference in weather here vs only a 20 to 30 minit drive either direction… last winter was incredibly easy,, not even as much rain as i would have expected to be so warm tho there deff was some rain… guess let’s wait n see what this winter’s going to throw at us.. God bless you and i hope all is good with you and yours


It really does sound like you have your own weather pattern! We hope you have a safe and happy winter!


Well I know winter is not over yet but so far for Northeast PA it’s been an absolute bust! Not a decent snowstorm to be had and looks like we won’t be getting one.


What is the rest of Winter Weather for Connecticut?


What is happening with northern Indiana (ft Wayne) to be exact with our snowy wintery weather? This is extremely upsetting to us all who love and enjoy all 4 seasons. Bring snowy winters back. My kids know nothing of sledding and igloos. All that I enjoyed so much growing up as a kid. It’s not the same.


Well, so much for this forecast thus far. Could not be more incorrect.


It’s been so warm in Maryland. I’m still waiting for a snow day! Please tell me there will be at least one ??

Brandi Geddis

Will the extra cold streak affect the PNW/ Oregon? It say on this page we should see average winter but have gone from an extra hot drought summer to an extra cold drought like winter! ?

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